How a jar can shift your thinking.

From the moment of waking it’s all too easy to be consumed by the to-do-list, the schedules of family life, our paid workload; rushing, racing, juggling, as we tend to the needs and demands and the timetable of others.

As mothers, we battle time and need and the challenges of our multi-tasking role, day in, day out, where we can end up

Feeling exhausted,

Feeling not good enough,

Feeling  anxious,

Feeling overwhelmed,

Feeling too fat,

Feeling too plain,

Feeling tearful,

Feeling useless,

Feeling like it’s not enough.


We have a tendency to focus on the undone, rather than the job well done!

Our self belief becomes negatively focused, self critical and our guilt features regularly on our emotional menu.

We are so busy, being busy that we fail to take time, to make time.

So, here’s a simple practice that will help you start realising that the glass is half full, not half empty.  A simple, daily action that will help you learn that you have enough, that YOU are good enough.


  • Find a jar, dress it with a ribbon, a piece of string, some beads (whatever is to hand) and place your gratitude jar somewhere prominent in your home.


  • Commit to yourself that you will do this practice at least once a day - remembering that a habit takes time.


  • Make time to find a moment that can be encompassed in your daily schedule - such as, family mealtimes, when the children have gone to bed, before you brush your teeth or with a cuppa in the day.


  • Take a minute or two and think about just one thing that you are grateful for - the way you made your child giggle, the food in your pantry, the shower that you had to yourself, the vegetables that are growing in your garden, the sunrise or sunset that you saw, the project you completed at work, the hot coffee you got to drink in one sitting, that text from a friend, how you nursed your child through illness, another breastfeed achieved……..the smallest of moments that you are grateful for; just jot it down on a piece of paper.


  • Once written, place it in your gratitude jar.


As you commit to this daily practice, you’ll begin to notice a shift in your thinking, where you’ll begin to start looking for the positives as your daily routine unfolds. You will begin to adopt a more positive mindset, noticing the smallest of moments that may make you smile. You will find that your moments of gratitude will increase and you will start to feel more positive in yourself.

Do this for yourself, because YOU deserve it!  Your children may start to notice, so help them make their own gratitude jars.  Share with each other your notes, your moments of gratitude that you write down.

On those days that turn to custard, where nothing seems to make you smile, empty out all those notes and read them to remind yourself of all the things you are grateful for.

Sometimes, it is recognising and acknowledging the simplest and smallest of acts that can change how we feel.

So, don’t just walk away and get on with your next task, shelving this as a good idea to maybe act on later.

GO, RIGHT NOW, go get that jar.  gratitude starts now! 


Make time to be grateful and learn that your glass can be half full, maybe even full or, possibly overflowing?