Amanda May; RGN, RHV

Hi, I'm Amanda, mother of two.

With well over a decade of experience in child and family health, I created My Baby and Toddler Life as a resource to those on the journey of motherhood - the early years.

I understand that none of us is born a parent; that we live in a society where the "perfect mother" expectation is ingrained. It can test us and push us beyond our limits at times and we need to keep the challenges and triumphs real.   

I’m focused on building up mothers and keeping it real! I’m all about helping you to feel more confident and content in your motherhood journey; you deserve it!

All my mum friends should jump on and have Amanda as their little angel on the shoulder.
— Merinda; Cairns, Australia

Now who am I to be giving advice?

Here's my qualifications ........

*Registered Health Visitor (RHV)

*Registered General Nurse (RGN)

*Public Health Nurse

*Child and Family Services Team Leader


I’ve also successfully completed additional training in:

Postpartum depression                         Parent craft 

Nurse prescribing                                  Child protection   

Changing addictive behaviours             Immunization

Adolescent sexual health                      Nocturnal enuresis (bed wetting)

I am a mum, a wife and a sister (a twin too). 

I live in Queensland, Australia but was born in England.  I have lived in New Zealand and also spent some of my early childhood years with my family in Africa. Safe to say, travel and new challenges are part of who I am.

By nature, I am a listener and have learnt that to pause and digest before responding is wise.  Friends and family tell me I’m a great “counsellor,” a problem solver who offers sense and reassurance in times of need.   

From a young age, I became aware of my nurturer personality type and, to this day, helping and supporting others still gives me immense pleasure.  I say that not to toot my own horn as a do-gooder rather, to let you know that’s just the kinda girl I am! 




After leaving school, I dabbled in the world of banking and insurance but very quickly became dissatisfied. In an effort to discover what my next career options might be, I took a year out working as a nanny in Germany. 

And so, it’s no surprise really that I found myself pursuing a career in nursing.  Whilst hospital based for a few years, I was hugely fortunate to be awarded, one of only two sponsorships, from my then local health authority, to study and specialize as a Health Visitor.

Since then, I have worked with many hundreds of mothers and their children in some amazing places in this world.

My true interest lies with the baby and toddler years. It’s a period of massive development and learning, both for child and parent. 

In addition, whilst I appreciate there are so many deserving causes, these are the causes we have chosen to support.

I look forward to connecting with you! 

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                                                                          "We rise by lifting others."                                                                                    Robert Ingersoll

                                                                          "We rise by lifting others."  

                                                                                 Robert Ingersoll