There is no greater good in all the world than motherhood. The influence of a mother in the lives of her children is beyond calculation.
— James. E. Faust


Hi, I'm Amanda May - motherhood coach, blogger, mumma to my pigeon pair and juggler of life!

I understand that being a mumma can be hard and challenging at times.  I understand that we live in an age where there is an ever increasing expectation of us, some "supermom" ideal that is simply not real. I choose to share because I want to build up mothers. 

Guidance, support and encouragement - because mothering matters.

Welcome all!

Amanda x

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To provide a place of support to mothers in the early years of parenthood; a place where we encourage vulnerable honesty without fear of judgement, where mothers are understood; a community where advice and help are shared and where the reality of motherhood is valued and nurtured.

We offer:-



  • Support adjusting to your motherhood role

  • A Blog that discusses common themes and challenges

  • Coaching with a facilitator with over 15 years experience in the field

  • An arena where you can voice your struggles

  • A community where advice is shared

  • A place where you are valued


None of us is born a parent. We need guidance, support and encouragement in this motherhood journey to learn and grow.”
— Amanda, My Baby and Toddler Life

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 "Babble and Bants"

So you can enjoy the chatter!

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